"At Membership2020 I learned why various generations have the attitudes and behaviors that the do, why it’s important to customize your marketing messages and methods of communication to your target audience, and why doing things the same way we have always done them won't work in the future..."

- Michele Feder, Materials Research Society

Meet Your Trainer:

Sarah Sladek, CEO, XYZ University

Sarah Sladek is CEO of XYZ University, a company that is dedicated to helping organizations sustain by staying relevant to, and engaging the participation of, Generations X, Y, and Z. Sarah is the author of four books. Her latest book, Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now (2014), provides advice on how to engage Generation Y, and delves into the economic shifts that have impacted their value systems and differentiated their communication, buying, and engagement behaviors. Sarah is co-founder and producer of the Next Generation Association iPortal, the first online, interactive curriculum designed to help associations grow membership and develop an engaging, future-focused membership strategy. Sarah’s expertise has been prominently featured in international media, including Forbes, Fast Company, and National Public Radio, and she has keynoted events worldwide.



Networking Breakfast


The workshop will kick off with a coordinated introductory presentation featuring representatives of Association Trends and XYZ University.

The End of Membership As We Know It

This presentation provides insight to the ‘perfect storm’ fueled by economic and demographic shifts and changing technology, which has hit associations and forever altered the value proposition of membership. Participants will be given an 'assessment tool' to help them determine how future-ready their associations currently are. They will discuss their results in small groups and via large group discussion.

Survey Says…

Similar to the popular game show, Family Feud, the group will be divided into teams and challenged to answer key questions based on the outcomes of national demographic surveys and market research to see if their answers match what the ‘survey says’.

10:30-10:45 - Break

The New Membership Mindset

This presentation will introduce workshop participants to the defining characteristics of the ‘new and next’ generations: Millennials, also known as Generation Y, and Generation Z. Presentation will give attendees a better understanding of how membership is being redefined by the first generations of the Post-Industrial Era, and what associations must do to stay relevant and engage their participation.

11:45-12:30 - Lunch
During lunch, each table will be given a table topic related to membership shifts to discuss and report on during the large group discussion following lunch.

Insights & Ideas

Participants will share the ideas and insights discussed at their tables during lunch via a large group discussion.

Spotlight on Best Practices

This portion of the program will include recorded interviews with 4 association leaders who have successfully launched a future-focused membership or marketing strategy and have observed great results from it. The audience will have the opportunity to also ask questions, as well.

Membership Building Strategies

Through a series of facilitated small group and large group discussions, the facilitator will lead the group through a membership strategy development exercise covering the following topics in detail:

  • Membership Benefits
  • Membership Experience
  • Membership Marketing
  • Membership Communities

2:30-2:45 - Break

Talent Generation

Companies are less profitable today than they were in 1965. Job satisfaction has been declining since 1987. Organizations are losing billions in employee turnover. Global research indicates the top concern among executives is their inability to recruit and retain talent. What's your association doing to solve this global crisis? This presentation will equip attendees with valuable insights and inspire them to rethink how they do business and respond to the challenges of the world, as well as useful strategies for engaging talent themselves.

Future-Focus: Membership 2020

Participants will be guided through the process of completing a Membership Building Plan, including developing a clear understanding of where to focus resources, outlining a marketing plan, and setting goals. In addition, participants will be individually tasked with reflecting on their assessments from the beginning of the workshop, identifying the gaps that existed in their answers, writing down how they will bridge those gaps, and posting on the wall a 30-day goal.

Wrap-Up + Reception

Representatives of Association Trends and XYZ University will wrap-up the day's content, and a cocktail reception will follow the event, giving attendees an opportunity to network and continue the learning experience.

June 21, 2018
1727 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006
CAE Credits:
Eligible for 7 credits
Who Should Attend: Chief Membership Officers CEOs & Executive Directors Membership Development Directors Member Services Coordinators & Managers Marketing Managers & Directors Communications & Social Media Staff
What's Included:
  • A full day of expert-led training
  • Interactive strategy sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch & networking reception
$445 Early Bird Rate
$545 (after 05/18/18)
$395 Add'l attendees

I ate up every bit of Membership2020 . As a millennial, it was truly a "preaching to the choir" moment but was so validating to hear that we're not crazy, but that times really are changing, so our outreach needs to change, too.

- Ashley Erickson, Public Relations Coordinator, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees

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